Recycle & Reuse

Recycle and Reuse

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We actively collect empty inkjet and laser toner cartridges for recycling. We have bins situated in schools, offices, Churches and community organizations. We even send pre paid mailing labels for recycling empties
So send us your empty cartridges – We’ll even pay the postage. Click Here to request a postage-paid bag or label.
Unfortunately, due to design constraints, not all cartridges may be recycled. Here’s what we are able to recycle at this time

  • All laser toner cartridges
  • Name brand inkjet cartridges – HP, Lexmark, and some Brother, Canon, and Xerox
  • Only Brother, Canon, and Xerox cartridges that contain the print head (electronics) may be recycled.
  • We cannot recycle EPSON cartridges or Canon ink tanks at this time.
  • Previously remanufactured cartridges are not eligible for recycling either. How do you know if your cartridge has been remanufactured? Check the label on your cartridge to see if the name brand label has been replaced by a remanufacturer’s label.

Call or Email to request for the recycling bin for your organization.

 Cash Credits Recycle Empty Cartridges

Ideal for Offices, Schools, and Churches

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